There’s this local fish and chips shop (or a milk bar as they used to call these places ) and from the outside it seems a little unattractive and non classy and so forth. But today I sat there waiting for my fish and chips order, and I saw the owner, dressed in an all black chef-style uniform, cooking away, rump steak, salad and so on. Putting it on carefully on the plate and garnish. And yes although its a business, i appreciate that he doesn’t get lazy and works to the best of his ability to produce a high quality food despite working in such an environment. I know if he keeps this up, someday there will be enough to renovate and this little place will grow into a restaurant thanks to his determination.


Sigh…I feel reallly guilty for owing someone stuff.but this person insist on buying me gifts because i helped them through a tough time…but i dont consider it as a really big favour..i didnt even know i helped him until he told me jst now..sometimes i just hope he would stop thinkin he owes me stuff and jst forget about it =.= things would be much simpler now *sigh i hope things work out soon


Things would have been different if I ran away back then. I don’t know if you know, but I will always remember what you did to me and I won’t ever forgive you for that. Sometimes I think you treat me worse than outside people do. I can tell you that no matter how nice you are to me, it Wont make up for what had happened between us.


Another life was lost this morning, and possibly along with another yet to be born…R.I.P.

Missing you

missing you , Tommy & Lucky , as always. Forever

So it has come down to this…

I have no idea when i started disliking you and want to distant from you. Maybe it’s because I’ve matured, and i have finally seen you for what you are in the past 6 years. It’s not that I didn’t notice these peculiar sides of you, it’s actually because I’m finally fed up with you and have decided to give myself a rest from caring about you. It’s been so long, and I’m tired, so here’s where our roads begin to part, lets see how things go…I might see you again

When two is a crowd

You know how sometimes you dislike someone because you guys are too alike in personality ? Well its so annoying. Sometimes I wish I am not similar to you, because whenever we debate or argue it always ends up like two gears jammed together, going nowhere and pulling to a halt, on standstill and the sounds of screeching metal ceases like nothing happened. How annoying eh.

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